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Master of Business Administration (english)

Master of Business Administration at MIRBIS

Every year our MBA School welcomes businessmen, middle and top managers and company owners from various regions of Russia and CIS countries, who realize that they need get new insights into business and acquire new knowledge, upgrade their skills and, last but not least, extend their managerial tooling.

MIRBIS MBA Programme combines the best academic education methods and the advanced business practices. We employ trainers, consultants and business experts experienced in teaching and training at MBA courses. The system of partnership relations with various business schools all over the world enables our MBA students to attend practical studies and obtain British MBA Degree.

MIRBIS MBA training course conforms to the international standards, which is verified by the obtained international accreditations, and stays in the top in various ratings of mass media and international educational institutions. Our MBA Programme is accredited by the Russian Association of Business Education (RABO), and in 2013 it was the first in Russia to get the national accreditation NASDOBR.

If You feel confident about the future and are ready to go the extra mile, then, we are going the same way!


1.     MIRBIS was established in 1988, based on the intergovernmental agreement with Italy, as a European business school focused on close links with the business and practical approaches to development of its educational programmes.  

2.     Master of Business Administration MIRBIS School was one of the first started operating in the business education market in Russia (startup of the first study group dated 1989/1990). Experience and business focus are the key criteria to design the training courses and to assemble the teaching staff.

3.     The training programme, including all its areas of study is accredited by the  Association of MBAs, which means a MIRBIS MBA diploma being recognized internationally.

4.     MRBIS MBA programme was first in Russia to be accredited by NASDOBR (National Council for Business Education).

5.     Leading positions held in the ratings of Russian business schools.

6.     Opportunity to select a desired area of studyand a convenient delivery mode.

7.     MBA studies include an individual career development route – the know-how designed by MIRBIS based on the experience of its lecturers and western partnering schools.

8.     Teaching Staff is a team of experts having a vast practical business and academic experience. They include some leaders of the business school lecturers ratings, as well as consultants of Russian and international companies. Lecturers are recruited on a  competition basis and regularly upgrade their skills at the  Academy of Professors.

9.     MIRBIS is recommended by its  graduates! They come back as lecturers or  corporate customersordering the educational products for the personnel of their companies.

10.   Dual Diploma awarded in cooperation with the British partner-university. In case the training course is completed and the dissertation is defended successfully, students obtain the  British MBA Diploma.

11.   Study Placements in Europe, Asia, USA and international training modules available for attendance at partner-universities (additional option).

12.   Additional seminars and master-classes delivered by Russian and western experts give a good opportunity to acquire and share valuable practical experience!

13.   Plus 2 years for free! MIRBIS graduates have the opportunity to attend any MBA studies for 2 years after the graduation (at the graduate’s choice). This rule also assumes enjoying the ample library collection.

14.   The largest   MBA Alumni Association.

15.   Admission tests allow forming the groups of equally trained students, which makes the study process more effective.

16.   Virtual Classroomintensifies and individualizes the study process and improves its quality.

17.   Advanced information and library support provided to MBA students. Subscription to the electronic versions of the largest Russian and western business periodicals. The Accreditation Committee of the  Association of MBAs (UK) qualified the library collection of MIRBIS as one of its apparent values.

18.   Convenient location of the Institute (Marksistskaya Street, close to the Garden Ring and Taganskaya Square, within walking distance of the Metro Stations “Taganskaya”, “Marksistskaya”, “Proletarskaya” and “Krest’yanskaya Zastava”).



In 2014 all the  MBA  curriculums have been updated: extended focus on fundamental management training, refreshed specialty courses, more individualized approach to students (Career Development Programme).

Duration of studies– 20 months:

* Programme starts up upon group enrollment or corporate training following the customer’s application (groups of 7 attendees minimum).

Please, contact the Admissions Office and submit your application with your contact details: +7 (495) 921-41-07, +7 (495) 921-41-80.
Please, note: 
the next following group startup dates .



Duration of studies – 15 months (for Economics or Management graduates and for the Presidential Programme graduates):

* Please, contact the Admissions Office to inquire for studies at. +7 (495) 921-41-07, 921-41-80 and submit your application with your contact details. Please, remember to indicate Your higher Economics or Management educational background and the area of studies of Your interest.
Please, note: 
the next following group startup dates.

Peculiarities of the study course

The business educational programme includes the following compulsory  management disciplines:

  • Economic Theory,
  • Financial Management,
  • Company Marketing Decision-Making,
  • Accounting for Managers,
  • Strategic Management,
  • Organizational Behaviour,
  • Manager’s Expertise,
  • Human Resource Management.

All these disciplines provide the knowledge basics needed for competent management operations. Besides, there are some  compulsory specialized training courses, which are a must to take within the preferred domain. Students can attend them if they want to acquire further knowledge and skills.

The postgraduate training programme is structured to develop the management competences most effectively. Its consistent scheme enables to learn new information better. The compulsory disciplines build up a foundation for managerial operations and systemize the gained knowledge. The specialized training courses give a chance to develop in the preferred by the student domain while acquiring useful practical skills.

The postgraduate MBA programme is notable for a unique form of interaction. Real business cases are studied and active teaching methods are applied. Along with the improvement of professional skills any student gets a chance to see the business processes in a new light and to discover new perspectives. The advanced and effective methods to meet the business challenges will help succeed in the most severe environment. Besides, the postgraduate studies are a great networking opportunity to share experience with your peers.

Students have an opportunity to take a short-term programme with a single preferred focus. Such an option of the postgraduate studies is shaped as specialized training courses (or mini-MBA courses as offered in the market).

MBA-based skills upgrading

MBA-based skills upgrading implies specialized training courses 7-8 months long.

Each MBA programme assumes taking individual specialization block-studies.

Specialization block-studies as a rule, take 7-8 months (depending on the timetable, school breaks, etc.). This business educational programme includes the most essential disciplines delivered by the MBA lecturers. Its graduates are awarded with the Professional Retraining Diploma.

Postgraduate studies within the specialized training courses cover the following areas:

  • Strategic Management and Enterprise,
  • Financial Management,
  • HR – Expert, Partner, Strategist ,
  • Production and Operations Management,
  • Strategic Logistics,
  • Banking Management,
  • Innovation Project Management,
  • IT-Management,
  • Oil and Gas Business Management,
  • Management in Telecommunications,
  • Investment and Construction Business Management,
  • Medical Business Management,
  • Hospitality Management.

Specialized business studies  within the specialization block-studies framework focuses in Russia on the practical aspects only. Modeling of real-life situations enables to choose a right managing strategy and to take effective decisions. The studies are delivered by MBA professors who in a simple manner teach to meet any business challenges.

The opportunity to take individual training courses enables to save time and to develop yourself in the most critical area indeed. MBA students can easily attend any master-classes and seminars which take place on a regular basis at our school. Upon completion of the studies everybody has a chance to continue his or her professional improvement and to get the Degree and  MBA Diploma.

Individual disciplines and courses

You, for instance, take interest in financial management but with the only focus on  business valuation or managing the financial risks? You are engaged in personnel management and due to extension of competences would like to systemize and deepen the knowledge of corporate culture from the HR perspective in particular? You need update your knowledge in  management researching or to upgrade skills in project management?

Send your application to the relevant Programme Administrator or at mba@mirbis.ru with the indication of the course(s) of Your interest and Your contact details (full name, e-mail and contact number). In reply You will get the information about the studies timetable and the individual course cost.

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