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Тесты по английскому языку

NEW! Определите свой уровень владения английским языком!

Для этого необходимо в прилагаемых тестах выбрать правильные ответы из трех предлагаемых вариантов в каждом пункте,  и направить в Языковой центр МИРБИС по электронному адресу: language@mirbis.ru.  В ответ Вы получите оценку Ваших знаний и рекомендации по повышению уровня.

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1. She often … at this photo.
a) look                b) is looking              c) looks
2. He usually finishes work … six o’clock.
a) in                    b) at                            c) on
3. These are very good books. Where do you get … ?
a) them              b) they                       c) it
4. Who … letters and cables at your office?
a) translate        b) translates             c) does translate
5. When do you usually get … home?
a) to                    b) at                            c) –
6. Peter … an economist.
a) is not              b) not is                     c) not to be
7. Is Jane at home? Can I speak to …?
a) she                 b) her                         c) it
8. I’d like to have a hamburger for … breakfast.
a) –                     b) a                             c) the
9. There … a pen, two letters and many new books on the table.
a) are                  b) is                            c) am
10.      Bye, see you … Tuesday!
a) in                    b) at                            c) on
11.      When… Helen usually … to the office?
a) do come        b) does come           c) comes
12.      My hair … clean.
a) are                  b) –                             c) is
13.      – Is it lesson eight? – Yes, it is … eighth lesson.
a) the                  b) a                             c) -
14.      Pushkin was born … 1799.
a) on                   b) in                           c) at
1.         Listen! Somebody … a lovely song.
a) sings              b) is singing             c) singing
2.         … weekends they often go to the country.
a) on                   b) at                            c) for
3.         I … him a letter the day before yesterday.
a) send               b) did send               c) sent
4.         He … in London.
a) live                 b) lives                       c) is living
5.         When … Mary … for Paris? – Five days ago, I think.
a) left                  b) did left                   c) did leave
6.         Baseball is … summer sport in America.
a) the most popular      b) the popularest    c) the most popularest
7.         I enjoyed the concert very ….
a) many             b) much                    c) well
8.         Why can’t you find your keys? They are… front … you!
a) in … of           b) on … with             c) at … of
9.         … it … raining yet?
a) did … stop     b) has … stopped    c) have … stopped
10.      How … money have you got?
a) much             b) many                     c) lot of
11.      - Is it your car? – Yes, it’s ….
a) my                  b) mine                      c) me
12.      Would you like … pizza?
a) some              b) any                        c) no
13.      - Are you tired? – Yes, a little. I … the walls today.
a) have painted                b) have been painted     c) have been painting
14.      Jack earns … money than Paul does.
a) littler               b) less                                   c) more little

1.         Who … German in your group?
a) speaks           b) does speak          c) do speak
2.         The doctor told me … more exercises.
a) do                   b) to do                      c) did
3.         If I …. Helen tomorrow I … to her about the accident.
a) shall see … shall speak    b) shall see … speak
c) see … shall speak
4.         The Tower of London … by William the Conqueror in 1078.
a) built                b) was built               c) to be built
5.         I … by the window when I heard the noise.
a) sat                  b) have been sitting                       c) was sitting
6.         How … milk is there in the bottle?
a) much             b) many                     c) little
7.         Don’t laugh … my sister!
a) on                   b) at                            c) above
8.         Next year she … English lessons twice a week.
a) will take         b) is taking                c) is going to take
9.         If I …  you I … for this job.
a) am…shall apply                  b) were … would apply     
c) was … would have applied
10.      They didn’t go … last Sunday. They decided to stay at home.
a) somewhere  b) anywhere             c) nowhere
11.      My mother always enjoys … to this song.
a) to listen          b) listen                     c) listening
12.      Many tasty dishes … of vegetables.
a) are cooked    b) cook                      c) cooked
13.      I can look … your baby while you go shopping.
a) at                    b) on                          c) after
1.         The Browns … for Rome on Sunday. They are looking forward to this trip.
a) will leave       b) are leaving           c) would leave
2.         A good secretary … type two hundred letters a minute.
a) can                 b) needs                    c) manages
3.         – Kathy, why are you crying? – I … the onion.
a) have cut        b) was cutting          c) have been cutting
4.         … the eve of Christmas people usually trim Christmas trees.
a) at                    b) on                          c) before
5.         The children … never… a kangaroo.
a) saw                b) have … seen       c) see
6.         I … him as soon as I come back.
a) phone                        b) am phoning         c) shall phone
7.         Nobody can stand her for a long time. She always … .
a) complains     b) has been complaining  c) is complaining
8.         - How long … the children … ? – For two hours.
a) have …been playing          b) were … playing   c) are … playing
9.         The students … the rules by Professor Smith.
a) explained      b) were explained   c) had been explained
10.      The news … very urgent.
a) are                  b) –                             c) is
11.      I would be frank with you if you … keep secrets.
a) could              b) can                        c) could have
12.      You … take a taxi if you want to catch the train.
a) can                 b) will have to           c) must
13.      I don’t know what to do. The child … yet.
a) didn’t return  b) hadn’t returned   c) hasn’t returned
14.      Has he decided how to spend the money? – Yes, he … buy a car.
a) is going to     b) will                         c) would


1.         The artist answered that Harry … him.
a) doesn’t understand                        b) hasn’t understood
c) didn’t understand
2.         The students … their exams by the end of June.
a) will pass        b) will have passed             c) are going to pass
3.         Peter isn’t in a very good form now. But several years ago he … used to standing on his head.
a) got                  b) was                                   c) is
4.         Sam doesn’t work hard, … …?
a) does he         b) workn’t he                        c) doesn’t he
5.         You should apologize … your suspicion.
a) for                   b) of                           c) against
6.         We  …. for you near the Bolshoy Theatre at seven o’clock.
a) will wait         b) will be waiting     c) will have waited
7.         What are you talking …?
a) on                   b) to                            c) about
8.         He asked everybody where ….
a) John lived     b) did John live        c) lived John
9.         We understood that we … too many mistakes in our test.
a) made             b) had made             c) make
10.      Was the doctor sent…?
a) to                    b) for                          c) after
11.      … against the current was difficult.
a) Swimming    b) Swim                     c) Swam
12.      If they … a fridge they could store a lot of food at home.
a) will have        b) had                                    c) had had
13.      We suggest that the students … this book in original.
a) should read  b) read                       c) will read
14.         I wish he … with us.
a) is                     b) were                      c) will be







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